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H Siliconwares - Silicon LEGO 32 ml - 5 pcs bag

Brief description:
H Siliconwares - Oil and DAB LEGO style silicone multi container, 32 ml, bag of 5.

Ingredients or contents:
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H Siliconwares
Silicon LEGO Style 32 ml
Bag of 5

This LEGO shaped silicone container is a useful accessory for your smoking kit. It is a 100% non sticky container for Oil and Waxes. Made of Food Grade silicone, it has a total capacity of 32ml - 6 small cavities (4 ml) and a big one (8 ml) - it weighs 93 g and it has 2 holes to support your DAB tools. It is shatter resistant, bounceable (the cap stays on) and heat resistant up to over 400 degrees. It is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, reusable, odor proof and stackable like real LEGO. It comes in several color.

Method of use:
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